When teacher Jessica Jeffrey helps her I/DD students connect to internships and jobs, she sometimes finds that paper resumes aren’t quite right. They don’t seem to capture her students’ abilities, so she looked for a better way.

Jeffrey teaches at the Transition Co-op, which is part of the Bend-La Pine Schools. Special needs students who have finished their high school education can stay in this program until they reach age twenty-one. The Transition Co-op has comfortable learning spaces and full kitchens, where these young adults can keep gaining work and life skills. They also get help with internships and job opportunities.

“These are important discovery years for our students,” explained Jeffrey. “Do they like to work with people? Or maybe they are good with animals. Do they prefer detail work, or work that uses larger movements?”


When a video is worth a thousand words

Anyone looking for a job needs a resume to tell their story. Adding pictures to the resume can make a big impact! Images let employers see a student in action, in a real work environment. They see that Transition Co-op students can contribute to the business in a meaningful way.

To make the videos, Jeffrey and her students use GoPro Quik, a free iPad app from the Apple app store. By simply tapping on photos and adding captions, students and teachers can easily make slideshows that show their work skills. Qualifications like having a food handler’s card can go in the slideshow too.

Brendan Weirup, a Transition Co-op student, used the Quik app to make his video resume. He chose pictures of working in a wide range of stores and restaurants, with captions that explain his abilities. The photos show more than just the work—it’s easy to see his positive attitude on the job!

Video resumes are also useful to job coaches. Job coaches want to get to know students’ personalities, so they know what kind of opportunities will fit. The videos give them a better understanding of where the student will succeed.


More ways to use slideshows

Video slideshows can be helpful for ID/D students and their families, even if they aren’t yet looking for a job. Here are some ways that families use video slideshows to make life’s routines flow more smoothly:

  • Share a fun event. Create a slideshow with images and captions from a fun outing or celebration. Students can enjoy the memories every time they watch!
  • Remember routines. Make a slideshow showing each step, so that each part is done in the right order and no step is forgotten
  • Help caregivers communicate. A slideshow can help caregivers and families stay consistent, so that they all take care of things in the same way.