Safe School Alliance 16 th anniv

A big shout out and thank you to all of our partners in law enforcement, fire safety, public and mental heath, juvenile justice, and law who work to make Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson county public and private schools safer!

Today, they joined HDESD Superintendent John Rexford and other regional school leaders to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Safe Schools Alliance.

“Our partnership is growing stronger each year as we continue working together to enhance the safety of our students, staff, schools and communities,” said Rexford. “Through the Safe School Alliance, we are more equipped as a community to reduce crime, prevent bullying and create a better environment for students and educators.”

In photo:
Bend Police Department
Crook Cty. Sheriff’s Office
Deschutes Cty. Sheriff’s Office
Jefferson Cty. Sheriff’s Office
Prineville Police Department
Redmond Police Department
Sunriver Police Department
Deschutes Cty. DA
Crook Cty. DA
Jefferson Cty. DA
Bend-La Pine Schools
Crook Cty. School District
Culver School District
Jefferson Cty. School Dist.
Redmond School District
Sisters School District
High Desert ESD
Deschutes Cty. Juvenile Justice
Jefferson Cty. Juvenile Justice
Crook County Juvenile Justice
Bend Fire Department
Crook Cty. Fire Department
Jefferson Cty. Fire Dept.
La Pine Fire Department
Redmond Fire Department
Sisters Fire Department
Sunriver Fire Department
Crook Cty. Public Health
Deschutes Cty. Public Health
Cascade Academy
Seven Peaks School
St. Francis School
St. Thomas Academy
Trinity Lutheran School
Oregon Youth Authority