Because of TeachOregon, over 50 new teachers are receiving mentor support this year

 Teach Oregon article

How do we recruit and train the best possible teachers for Central Oregon? The newly awarded TeachOregon grant is intended to tackle this question. This two year grant for $230,000 each year was created through a yearlong effort  between High Desert ESD, Sisters School District, Crook County, Bend La Pine School District, Jefferson County, Community Partners, COCC and OSU Cascades. Our region was one of five selected in the state because of the long standing relationships we have in our educational community.

These funds will be used for a dual purpose; one, create a pipeline to a career in teaching from PK-12 to our higher education institutions; and two, strengthen the quality and support offered to pre- teachers and teachers in their first years of teaching experience.

With nearly 30% of teachers leaving the profession in the first three years, and a projected shortfall of 16,000 teachers in our state, we believe TeachOregon efforts will help mitigate this trend. A longer student teaching experience will be provided, as well as 2 years of mentorship support when new teachers enter the classroom. Because of TeachOregon, over 50 new teachers are receiving mentor support this year.

TeachOregon will provide a real opportunity to cultivate our own, diverse talent in Central Oregon and develop stronger more successful teachers. This grant was made available through the Chalkboard Project and the Oregon Department of Education. For more information on Chalkboard, visit  or contact Suzanne Hall, or Michele Oakes TeachOregon Coordinators.

Photo: (L) Suzanne Hall and (R) Michele Oakes, TeachOregon Coordinators