Audra Ferera Green

Audra Ferera-Green will be the friendly face that greets you here at the High Desert Regional Education Center.   In addition to assisting visitors, Audra’s responsibilities will include supporting HDESD’s Orthopedic and Vision programs.  Audra is married and approaching her 20th wedding anniversary. Audra enjoys the outdoors; running, biking, playing softball, traveling, shopping and volunteering.  Audra said, “This year brings new challenges and opportunities. I am looking forward to being a part of the HDESD team and working with a great group of people. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming.”

Recently, the executive offices, Business Services, Human Resources and Legal Services moved into the new facility located at 2804 SW Sixth Street in Redmond.  In addition, the following programs relocated:

  • Better Together
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Drivers Education
  • Foreign Language
  • Migrant Education
  • Oregon Mexico Education Program
  • School Improvement
  • Several staff from the Central Oregon Regional Program