While the lazy days of summer hit their peak in August, the back-to-school transition follows right on its heels. The change in routine can be especially challenging for teens balancing work and school schedules.

Taking on the responsibilities of school and work, means extra planning. Now is a great time to start planning. Here are five tips for working teens to help make the back-to-school (and work!) routine go smoothly.


1. Start going to bed and getting up earlier a few weeks BEFORE school starts

Will you need to wake up earlier in order to get to school on time? Start shifting bedtime and wake up time a few weeks , before school starts so you’ll get used to it. Getting enough sleep will help you function better throughout the day.


2. Practice packing what you’ll need each day

Think through what you’ll need to bring to school: a lunch, water bottle, school supplies. If you’ll go directly from school to work, what else will you need? You may need to pack additional snacks, tools, or a change of clothes for work.


3. Double-check your transportation to and from school and work

Once you know your school and work schedules, planning how to get there is a key part of managing your routine! It’s important to know your routes, and know how long the trips should take–and to have a back-up plan, just in case.


4. Make a plan to track your school assignments

When balancing schoolwork and employment, staying organized is key! Set up a calendar for assignments, a binder for classes, a file for your paycheck information, and a quiet desk area where you can work.


5. Be sure to include exercise and social time!

As a working student, you have a lot going on! It’s easy to forget about the activities we all need to stay happy and healthy. Make time to see friends, to exercise, and to be with your family.

More ideas can be found at Goodtherapy.org.