How does a student start making their future dreams come true?

Taking that first step is the key, and then one thing will lead to another. Just ask Daisy Robison, a senior at Crook County High School. She took the initiative to apply for a job at Dominos Pizza in Prineville, and that was the first step to achieving her future goals.


Ready for the Opportunity

When Robison learned of a job opening at Dominos, she began the job application on her own. “Reading is hard for me, so I got some help before submitting it,” Robison said. Her teacher, Patty Bates, emphasized that Robison had most of the application finished, before asking for help to complete and proofread the form.

Filling out the application was challenging, but Robison felt prepared for the job search. She’d taken the Occupational Prep course, taught by Bates. This class covered job applications, mock interviews, and professional dress and behavior. Robison also had work experiences at a summer camp and through Heart of Oregon Corps, but this was her first try at working in food service.

Robison’s interview was successful – she was offered a job that day!


Becoming part of a team

Robison now works four hours a week and is eager to take on more hours. She’s learned to make bread and desserts, and pizza of course (the pan pizza with pepperoni and pineapple is her favorite). As a member of the team, she also jumps in to take orders and prepare boxes.

“The best part of my job is working with the other people there. They are so warm and welcoming,” said Robison. “It’s like being part of a family.”

Working at Domino’s has helped Robison gain confidence and learn new skills. She enjoys her job, but also feels ready to keep moving forward. She’s applying for a job at a local retirement home, where she would work in the kitchen and dining room, preparing and serving food to residents. But Robison doesn’t plan to stay in food service—she has ambitious plans for her future.


To college and beyond!

This August, Robison will begin studying at Phagan’s Cosmetology College in Bend. Her dream is to work in the beauty industry, with a focus on hair, nails, and skin care. She’s been accepted into the program, and is looking forward to working with a new team of people. Robison also thinks about continuing on at the Portland Fashion Institute, to round out her knowledge of style and beauty.

Robison has good advice for other students who are thinking about their future: “Don’t be afraid to take a risk, even if you feel nervous,” she said. “I was nervous but I felt ready too. Just filling out an application can be an important first step.”