We all want to find a job doing something we love—something that makes us excited to wake up in the morning. Through the Transition Program in Redmond, Brandon Evans has achieved this goal.

Since Fall of 2016, Evans has been employed as a Nutrition Service Worker in the Ridgeview High School Cafeteria. What started as an unpaid work experience turned into a part-time job for Evans. He underwent a series of interviews before getting the news that he was hired. For 2.5 hours per day, Evans prepares and serves food, cleans the cafeteria, and washes and puts away dishes. He is also called on to fill in if another employee is absent.

“I have struck gold. I love my job in the cafeteria at Ridgeview High School,” said Evans. “My favorite part about working in the cafeteria is seeing all the smiles of the students I serve as they go through the line.”

Evans is 20 years old, so he will be aging out of the Transition Program soon. He plans to pursue a full-time job with the school district as a Nutrition Service Worker.

“I graduated from Ridgeview, so I know the staff and many of the students who attend there,” said Evans.

Before moving to Redmond, Brandon lived in Multnomah County. In his free time, he likes to play simulation games and watch gameplay videos on YouTube. He also enjoys music of all different types—except for country or rap.

“Brandon has been a remarkable example for the rest of our Transition students regarding his attitude and work ethic,” said teacher Sylvia Otten. “Each time I ask him how work went, he tells me how wonderful it was and how he absolutely loves his job. We are so proud of him in the Transition Program!”