Five reasons to tune in to our favorite annual conference.


Do you look forward to the Oregon Statewide Transition Conference as much as we do?

Every spring, the OSTC brings together students, teachers, parents, caregivers, job coaches and other professionals who make up the transition community. It’s our chance to mix and mingle, get inspired, and learn about innovative practices.

This year, the OSTC will happen a little differently. Social distancing guidelines can make it challenging to create a conference that gathers people together in a meaningful way. Fortunately, the transition community knows better than anyone how to adapt to challenges!

OSTC 2021 will be held virtually from March 31st to April 7th. This year’s conference theme is The Road to Transition is Always Under Construction, a slogan that reflects how we keep moving forward, with persistence and innovation. We’ll miss meeting face-to-face with friends and colleagues across the state, without a doubt. However, going online brings new opportunities and ways to connect. Here are five reasons not to miss out on OSTC 2021:


Access from the comfort of your own home

In past years, the need to travel to the conference kept some people from participating. This year, anyone across the state (and beyond our borders!) can tune in for the speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.


Set your own schedule

This year’s schedule includes synchronous sessions, which are live-streamed, as well as asynchronous sessions, which are pre-recorded. These can be watched at any time, allowing participants to set a schedule that works with the rest of their day. This year’s conference is scheduled over six days—ample time to take in every session.


Connect with colleagues and peers all over Oregon

Breakout sessions and networking times will happen live, as part of the synchronous event schedule. With the virtual format, we’re all likely to see new faces and get to know new people across the state.


Congratulate award winners on their achievements

As always, the OSTC is a time to recognize individuals that inspire, educate, and empower transition across Oregon. Be part of the awards ceremony and celebrate the exceptional efforts of the award winners! For more information on how to nominate a person or a program, please fill out the OSTC Awards Nomination Form.


Get inspired and get informed by top-notch keynote speakers

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear Micah Fialka-Feldman, Alex Cherup, and Barry Whaley, as they share their passion and knowledge of community, advocacy, and inclusion through their keynote presentations.

Check out this video, A Guide to OSTC 2021, to learn more about the Oregon Statewide Transition Conference 2021. Ready to register for the conference? Go to