Jose Ascencio, age 18, shares multiple skills and talents with the JCSD Transition Program and the Madras community. He is constantly surprising the transition team and his classmates with his artistic talents. Ascencio recently drew a racecar and then hand-painted it on a children’s picnic table. The table was a special order for a Madras resident.

He even went the extra mile on a recent sewing project. The assignment was to sew a small square pillow, but Ascencio decided to get a little more detailed and sewed his pillow in the shape of a heart.

“We are so impressed by the quality of his work,” said Wendy Dove, who runs the Transition Program for JCSD. Dove added that they also recently learned Ascencio played piano.

“We’ve had this piano in our classroom for a long time and no one played it. We mentioned that we were going to give it away and Jose sat down and played beautifully! We ended up sending the piano home with him!