Culver High School Senior Micah Webb has worked at Erickson’s Thriftway in Madras for nearly a year.
A student with the Jefferson County School District Transition Program, Webb is described as a “rock star” by Youth Transition Program Specialist Kristi Saulsbury.

20160427_111922-1“Micah decided not to go with our class on a year-end trip to the coast last year because he didn’t want to miss work,” said Saulsbury who added that he worked 40-hour weeksduring the Summer. “We did end up getting him to Cove State Park soon after for boating and water sports, but we were proud of his dedication.”

According to Erickson’s Thriftway store manager Dan Walton, Webb is one of the top performing young employees at the store.

“His fellow employees like him a lot and they really depend on him because he gets the job done,” said Walton. “He has really good hustle and he’s very accurate about what he does, he’s never sloppy. We schedule him on key days when he can really be a help to the store team.”

Walton says they are encouraging Webb to have more fun with the customers.

“He’s very quiet and we’re working with him to branch out, but he’s the greatest kid,” said Walton. “He has a job here as long as he wants to work.”