Employment for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, transition networkChristopher Castellanos is a senior at Madras High School. He has been working at Safeway for about a year and will graduate in June of 2018. Castellanos has worked as a courtesy clerk and in the produce department, but he prefers courtesy clerk duties.

“Collecting carts is better because you get to be outside in the fresh air,” said Castellanos.

Castellanos usually starts his work shift at 6 am, and then attends school in the afternoon. When asked if it was difficult waking up so early for his shifts, he replied, “Not really, because I’ve been on this schedule since summer. I got used to it.”

When he’s not at school or working, Castellanos enjoys playing football, video games, and going shopping with his mom. As a senior, Castellanos is very busy planning for graduation, and he is excited about the upcoming senior class activities and celebrations at the end of the academic year.