Alex Bolken has liked animals since she was born but now, at age 20, she loves them. In fact, she loves them so much that she decided to pursue a career as a Veterinary Assistant. Bolken has been volunteering at Highland Vet Clinic for the past two years. Her main duties include cleaning, getting medicine ready, and feeding the animals.

Bolken has already earned a certificate for a job skills class at Central Oregon Community College, and she is on track to earning a Veterinary Assistant Certificate.

“I have to complete a required amount of hours interning at a veterinary clinic and also take classes at COCC that are part of the Veterinary
Technician program,” said Bolken. “The classes I will have to participate in are Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Veterinary Tech, Veterinary Terminology and Animal Hospital and Office Procedures. I should have the classes completed by June 2019.”

Bolken’s family has dogs, cats, and horses, but she prefers dogs because they are the most friendly.

When asked where she gets her inspiration, Bolken replied, “My parents and brother inspire me the most. They have helped me with jobs and setting up my apartment, so I can learn to be independent.”