teacher and students drumming

The Behavior Intervention Center and Options students had access to these African Drums for less than a week.  We used them to do a surprise “Thank You” for our amazing OT, Katie Diez who comes to work with our students in groups every Tuesday.  The students have affectionately called it “Katie Calm time.”  We started having Katie come to the program as a proposal for our innovation grant.  She has helped the students using a multi-faceted approach to emotional regulation such as:  Mindfulness, Yoga Calm, Brain Gym and other techniques that have involved hands-on projects, Yoga, and other calming strategies.  The students did such a nice job, that we have decided to invest in drums for the program.  The students were able to work on turn taking, impulse control and social skills.  It was so wonderful to see students who normally struggle to get along encouraging one another and listening.  The drum resembles the heart beat and research has shown that it is a calming strategy in itself. Drumming has the potential to be a therapeutic technique that provides both relaxation and energy to the emotionally wounded.