Janet Goewey, Physical Therapist, receives an award

Congratulations to Janet Goewey, Physical Therapist, for receiving the Judy Rowe Exemplary Therapist Award at the Therapy in Educational Settings (TIES) Conference last week.  Janet has worked for the ESD since 1997 and is retiring after many years as a Physical Therapist.

“When my name was called to be a recipient of the Judy Rowe exemplary therapist award, I felt such honor.  I had met Judy Rowe at Holladay center in Portland back in the 1980’s and knew her to be a great therapist.” — Janet Goewey

Judy Rowe Exemplary Therapist Award – This award is named for an Oregon therapist who was known for her professional expertise and dedication.  Judy’s philosophy and work ethic was etched in everything she did.  She firmly believed that “what we attain too easily, we esteem too lightly, and it is of little value.”  The award is presented in her name to honor Oregon therapists who are nominated by their peers in education-based practice.