ESD Program Outcomes

Each year the High Desert Education Service District sets goals for the coming year. For 2015-16 school year, Deputy Superintendent Andrews reported that 72% of all High Desert ESD goals were met.  This is a great figure because it shows that we are taking risks in setting goals and working very hard to reach them.  If a goal is met 100% repeatedly, then it becomes a habit and not a goal.   We are proud of this data, and it helps us discuss our work with our partners.  The data helps us tell our story to our districts.

HDESD Goals and Outcomes for 2019-20

Below are some highlights of program outcomes

Early Intervention

Early Intervention reported that 88% of the children who entered below expectations in the area of positive emotional skills made substantial progress.


Vision Impaired Services

The Vision Services team reported 100% of students using technology or related strategies increased independence and overall access to their core curriculum.