Policy Code Policy Title
GAA Personnel
GAB Job Descriptions
GBA Equal Employment Opportunity
GBA-AR Equal Employment Practices
GBA-AR Veterans’ Preference
GBAA Fair Labor Standards Act
GBC Staff Ethics
GBD Board Staff Communication
GBDA Mother-Friendly Workplace
GBE AR Employee Health and Safety
GBE Employee Health and Safety
GBEA Workplace Harassment
GBEB Communicable Disease
GBEC AR Drug-Free Workplace
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace
GBED Medical Examinations/Drug Testing
GBI Gifts and Solicitations
GBK/KGC Prohibited Use, Distribution, or Sale of Tobacco Products and Inhalant Delivery Systems
GBL Personnel Records
GBM Staff Complaints
GBM-KL AR Complaint Procedure
GBMA Whistleblower
GBN/JBA Sexual Harassment
GBNA Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing
GBNA-AR Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing
GC-GD Negotiated Agreements
GCAB Electronic Devices and Social Media – Staff
GCBDA GDBDA Family Medical Leave
GCBDA GDBDA 1 Federal/State Family and Medical Leave
GCBDA GDBDA 2 Request for Family and Medical Leave
GCBDA GDBDA 4 FMLA/OFLA Eligibility Notice to Employers
GCBDC/GDBDC Domestic Violence/Harassment/Sexual Assault/Stalking Leave
GCBDE GDBDE Military Leave of Absence
GCC GDC Personnel Recruitment, Screening, Interview & Selection
GCC Recruitment of Licensed Staff
GCCA GDCA Announcement of Job Vacancies
GCCB GDCB Application for Employment
GCDA GDDA AR Criminal Records Checks Fingerprinting
GCDA GDDA Criminal Records Checks Fingerprinting
GCL Staff Development Licensed
GCN GDN Evaluation of Staff
GCPB/GDPB Resignation of Staff
GCQB Professional Research, Publishing, Copyrights and Patents
GCQB-AR Requirements for Conducting Research in the High Desert ESD
GDC Recruitment of Classified Staff